What Are Reward Charts?


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Super Nanny explains that reward charts are an effective way to reward a child for good behavior, encourage positive behaviors and create a sense of fairness between siblings. The positive behaviors are listed on the chart, and every time a child demonstrates one of the behaviors, the child receives a check mark by the behavior. Once enough checks for good behavior are earned, then the child receives an agreed-upon reward.

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According to Super Nanny, reward charts are a valuable motivational tool that parents can use to encourage everything from treating siblings kindly to getting chores done on time. Pre-printed reward charts are available for download with themes to attract different children. Some parents choose to use stickers to fill in the boxes on the charts, often letting the child place the stickers to mark their own accomplishments. Parents can also download mobile phone reward chart apps to keep their children motivated away from home, states Kid Pointz.

Super Nanny says that with preschool age children, reward charts focus on simple behaviors such as saying "please" and "thank you" or practicing good listening skills. Preschoolers, who are still learning to count, may need a small reward at the halfway point to keep them focused on the reward process. Kindergarten students and first graders can be motivated toward more abstract behavior, such as working well with siblings. Older elementary school children can use reward charts to motivate getting homework and chores done, with specific rewards paired to certain tasks.

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