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Sierra pedal steel guitars were known for their decent quality, despite having designs that were a bit uncommon. Although the guitars were extremely popular in the 1970s, the public soon lost interest in the guitars, which prompted Sierra founder Chuck Wright to drop the Sierra name. Wright continued to manufacture guitars through his other company name, Wright Custom Guitars.

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Wright eventually decided to resurrect the Sierra brand, and he was able to do so after he took on partners in 1974. Due to the move, Sierra guitars were able to make a successful return, and in 1976, Wright sold the Sierra Guitar Company to musician Don Christensen, who produced Sierra Steel guitars for 25 years until he retired and sold the company to Tony Williams in 2001. Unfortunately, Williams declared bankruptcy a few year later and sold the company to long time Sierra customer Ed Littlefield, Jr.

Despite Ed Littlefield, Jr.'s investment, Sierra still hasn't been able to recapture its former glory. The company is currently deeply invested into the research and development of a new Sierra pedal steel guitar.

The Sierra 8-string lap guitar was one of the guitar maker's more popular releases. The guitar is characterized by the layer of aluminum that runs the length of the neck. Aside from providing support to the neck, the aluminum allows the guitar to resonate with greater sustain.

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