What Do Reviews Say About Pro Evolution Soccer 2010?

Reviews for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 from sites like IGN, GameSpot and EuroGamer praise the visual aspects of the game including the fluidity of the frame rate, likenesses of players to their real world counterparts, and inclusion of gameplay modes such as the UEFA Champions League and Career mode. Although the reviews praise the overall sound production, they often criticize the included soundtrack that plays while navigating the main menu.

Despite the dominance of the Pro Evolution Soccer series in the past, the 2010 version pales in comparison to FIFA 10, notes IGN.com. Even though reviewers praise the quality of animations, they often comment that the number and variety of animations doesn’t match FIFA 10. Despite the rigidity of certain movements, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 does get kudos for the way it conveys the realism of physical interaction between players as they’re vying for the ball.

GameSpot.com reviews praise the game for the improved presentation and smoother navigation relative to earlier entries in the series. However, they criticize the in-game commentators, John Champion and Martin Lawrenson, due to repetition and the unnatural delivery of their lines. Despite receiving high marks for improved online playing functionality, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 receives a thumbs-down for the lack of innovative changes to the series.

Similar to IGN, EuroGamer.com notes the inferiority of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 relative to FIFA 10, citing poor player movement and acceleration along with the lack of official licenses for some leagues. However, the site also praises the improved team management options and the inclusion of a community section where players can keep track of their games with friends.