Is Return Man 3 About Football?

“Return Man 3” is an online football game that is free to play on ESPN Arcade. Players take control of a football return man in the game and have to catch the ball and make a touchdown while avoiding the defenders.

Players control “Return Man 3” using a computer keyboard. They press the I, J, L and K keys to go forward, left, right and backward, respectively. If they change the controls in the options menu, they can also use the W, A, S and D keys for movement.

To catch the ball, players must move the on-screen character to the yellow circle. If they miss the catch, they must move the character to the ball and pick it up before the other team gets it. As they progress throughout the game, they earn extra lives and gain special moves. Hitting the A, S and D keys activates these special moves.

On the football field are random power-ups that give players special powers to help them reach the end zone. For example, picking up lighting bolts allows them to move quicker and gives them more points. The quicker they reach the end zone, the higher their score. Using special moves deducts points from the return score, and they lose more points for using very powerful special moves.