What Are Some Retired Plush Boyds Bears?

Retired plush Boyds Bears include Bailey Bear, the 1985 version of Matthew Bear, Christmas Bear, Beatrice Bear and Fleurette Bear. Other retired Boyds Bears include Arctic Bear, Mac the Golfer Bear, Miss Ashley Bear and Mrs. Fiedler the Music Teacher Bear.

Boyds Bears are old-fashioned, plush teddy bears created by The Boyds Collection Ltd. beginning in 1984. The bears are fully jointed and are made of 100 percent wool. Retired Boyds Bears are valuable due to their limited supply.

According to the "Boyds Tracker" and "The Boyds Collection Collector's Value Guide, 2001 Edition," the first Bailey Bear has a value of $644, as of 2015. She was produced in bulk, but her value rose over 29 times the original price.

The original Matthew Bear was the first Boyds Bear. He was named after the son of the Boyds Bear founders, Gary and Tina Lowenthal. The value of the earliest edition Matthew Bear plush is estimated at $387. Other editions of Matthew Bear were created, such as the 2005 edition. The Matthew Bear 2005 plush was a fall special edition that was limited to six months of production. The 2005 Matthew is also retired.

Fleurette Bear is extremely difficult to find, as there were only six copies of her ever produced. She has an estimated worth of $700.