What Are Some Retired Boyds Bears?

Retired Boyds Bears include resin figures like Neville the Compubear, Shipmates Elvira and Chauncey Fitzbruin, and Quiet Time With Momma McBear and Caledonia. Other retired figures are Bailey as the Bride and Bumble B. Bee, Sweeter Than Honey.

Boyds Bears is a popular line of stuffed and resin teddy bears originally made by Gary Lowenthal and Justina Unger as a way to supplement their income. The first bear produced was stuffed bear gifted to their son, Matthew. The line's name was derived from the town in which they resided, Boyds, Maryland. While bears are the primary focus of the company and the most popular item, they also have other lines of stuffed animals and resin figures.

The company won several awards, including Teddy Bear of the Year, Doll of the Year and the Golden Teddy Award. They were also granted the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers Achievement Award. Boyds Bears became so popular that they earned their own fan club, dubbed the Loyal Order of Friends of Boyds, in 1996. Members received exclusive collector's items, as well as a denim tote, a stuffed bear, a bearstone and member pin.

The company Enesco bought Boyds Bears in 2008. They released a statement in 2014 that all bears would be put "into hibernation," and production ceased. Boyds Bear fan club memberships were canceled for 2015.