What Retailers Sell Nerf Foam Balls?


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Many retailers, including Target, Amazon.com, Toys"R"Us and Walmart, sell foam Nerf balls as of 2015. The balls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are designed for many sports and games.

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Target sells Nerf balls both in its physical stores and online, though some options are only available in stores. Some of the in-store-only Nerf balls offered are tennis balls, soccer balls and footballs. Additional balls available both online and in stores include a baseball and bat set and a basketball, hoop and net set.

Nerf ball options from Walmart and Toys"R"Us are very similar to the offerings at Target, and both companies offer their full range of stock both online and in stores. Walmart and Toys"R"Us also sell the Nerf Aero Howler football, a football that has been melded with the fletching of an arrow to improve range and makes a howling sound as it flies through the air.

Amazon.com is an online-only operation with the same stock as the previously mentioned stores. In addition, Amazon offers Nerf brand flying disks and a ping pong set, which comes with two paddles, two balls and a tabletop net.

All Nerf balls are made of solid yet sponge-like foam that makes gripping easy and reduces the chance of injury should a ball land on or hit an unintended target.

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