What Retailers Sell the Deluxe Barbie Dream House?


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As of 2015, Walmart, Toys R Us and Kmart sell the 2015 Barbie Dreamhouse both in their store locations and online through their official websites. Amazon.com also offers the 2015 Barbie Dreamhouse. Additionally, some sellers on Amazon.com offer older models of the Barbie Dreamhouse for sale.

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The 2015 model of the Barbie Dreamhouse has three floors and seven rooms. The first floor has a kitchen, an entryway with a door that opens and a garage that has a sliding tab to lift the garage door. The garage also has a translucent blue atrium window that easily detaches to double as a swimming pool.

The second floor of the house features the bathroom and dining room, and the third floor contains the bedroom and living room. The bedroom has a balcony and a walk-in closet with a mirror. Kids can insert a smartphone into the living room's flat screen televisions to watch videos.

This Barbie Dreamhouse features over 70 accessories, including a smart stand that interchangeably connects with the toilet, sink, grill, fan and aquarium. It makes flushing sounds for the toilet, sizzling sounds for the grill and bubbling sounds for both the sink and the aquarium. This smart stand also makes the fish in the aquarium and the blades in the fan rotate. The stand looks like a kitchen island on one side and a bathroom vanity on the other.

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