How Do You Restring a Bow?


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To restring a recurve bow, place the large end of the stringer on the bottom of the bow, and place the smaller end of the stringer on the top end of the bow. Hold the bow parallel to the ground, grip it firmly in the center, and step on the stringer. Pull the bow upward until the ends of the bow curve down toward the ground, and place the new string on the bow.

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Remove the old bow string by following the same procedure, but reverse the process. If the stringer is too long to pull the tips of the bow down, tie a knot in the stringer to shorten it. Do not restring a bow without a stringer, as this can cause injuries.

To restring a recurve crossbow, place the string on one end of the crossbow, and place the stringer on both ends of the crossbow. Cock the crossbow by stepping on the stringer to pull the mechanism into place.

Attach the second end of the string to the crossbow by sliding it through the loop on the stringer. After both ends of the new string are in place, uncock the crossbow, and remove the stringer. If the stringer is stuck under the new string, use a screwdriver to release it.

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