How Do You Find a Restored Pinball Machine?

How Do You Find a Restored Pinball Machine?

Restored pinball machines can be bought from amusement retailers, private sellers, homeowner sellers and auctions. These machines require regular maintenance to keep them in good working order.

Purchasing a restored pinball machine from a reputable amusement retailer is a good choice especially for first time buyers. The machines usually look good and are in working condition. A good retailer should offer at least a 30-day warranty, during which time defects and weak spots become obvious. A good retailer should also deliver the machine, which is typically heavy and difficult to maneuver.

Many private sellers make extra money by restoring pinball machines and selling them at a higher price. It is a good idea to thoroughly test the machine before purchasing because many private sellers do not offer a warranty. Knowing a few details about the specific machine or game can help to make a good decision when purchasing from a private seller.

Homeowner sellers do not usually have a lot of information about the games they are selling and simply want to get rid of them. The machines may or not be in working condition and generally do not include delivery or a warranty. Homeowner sellers can be found on local or online classifieds.

Lastly, restored pinball machines are regularly sold on auction. It is a good idea to research the game extensively and how much it is worth before bidding.