How Do You Restart on "Arcane Legends"?


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To restart a mission after dying on "Arcane Legends" as of 2015, pay the necessary fee the game charges. If you want to restart the game itself with a new character, you can delete your old character and start the game with a new one. An alternative option is buying a new character slot, which allows you to play the game with multiple characters.

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"Arcane Legends" is an application that's available on the Chrome Web Store, Amazon Apps, Google Play and the iTunes App Store. It uses microtransactions, and restarting a mission in the same place is one of the available microtransactions.

The free version of "Arcane Legends" only allows one character slot per player, so those who want to play for free must delete their character before starting the game with a new one. After deletion, a character is gone and can't be recovered.

Starting the game with a new character allows the player to try a new character class. "Arcane Legends" has three character classes: warrior, rogue and sorcerer. Warrior has the most health and armor, rogues have higher attacks but lower defenses, and sorcerers have the most mana.

Players also choose a pet at the beginning of the game. Unlike characters, players can have multiple pets. However, they can only use one pet at a time.

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