What Are Some Resources to Find the Value of a Lladro Piece?

Resources for finding the value of Lladro pieces are available at ARetiredCollection.com, Figurines.Sell4Value.com and AndrewsGallery.com, as of 2015. Additional information about the retired Lladro collection and the value of individual figurines is available at AppleTreeDeals.com and Ross-Simmons.com.

ARetiredCollection.com is a website owned and operated by Janet Gale Hammer. Janet specializes in the retired Lladro collection's secondary market, and her website features information on how to buy and sell Lladro figurines, as well as information on determining the value of the figurines.

Figurines.Sell4Value.com is an active buyer of Lladro and other collectibles. The website features information on the value of the figurines, packaging tips, and details concerning how the buying and selling process typically works.