What Are Some Resources for the "Left 4 Dead" Demo?


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Valve removed the demo version of "Left 4 Dead" when it released the full game on Steam. However, Steam allows players to get full refunds in case they do not like a game. In case of dissatisfaction, using the refund feature gives players a free way to evaluate the game.

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As long as the player sends the request within two weeks of purchase and with less than two hours of playtime in the game, Valve accepts all refund requests. As such, a player can test "Left 4 Dead," see how it runs on his system and demand a refund if it performs badly. Likewise, Valve considers not liking the game a valid reason for refunds.

To get a refund, click Help on the menu bar of Steam. Click Steam Support and select A Purchase. Click Left 4 Dead from the list and select a reason for refund. Then click I'd Like to Request a Refund and pick the original purchase method or your Steam Wallet as the refund target. Valve states that refunds can take up to seven days to process.

"Left 4 Dead" is a co-op first-person shooter that pits four players against an army of zombies and monsters. The game features a wide variety of maps, from abandoned cities to rural towns. The game has Steam achievements, full control support, Steam leaderboards and Valve Anti-Cheat.

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