What Are Some Free Resources for Game Creators?

What Are Some Free Resources for Game Creators?

Free resources for game creators include game engines Stencyl and Unity3D and the interactive story generator Inkle Writer. Blender is a 3D graphics and animation tool. Sound Bible offers free sound effects for games.

Stencyl is a drag-and-drop game development tool simple enough for beginners, as it does not require any programming knowledge. Stencyl-created games work on computers, the Web and mobile platforms.

Unity3D is a more advanced game engine for creating both two- and three-dimensional games. The Unity site offers tutorials, documentation and an active user community.

Inkle Writer lets game developers create branches of the game story as they play. The interactive stories get a free Web page and can also be uploaded to Kindle.Inkle Writer is not just for text-based story-games such as the classic Zork; game developers can use Inkle Writer to storyboard complex graphics-based games.

Blender's three-dimensional graphics development suite contains a photorealistic rendering engine and tools for modeling, lighting and shading, rigging and sculpting. Blender also has its own game engine, and its graphics can be used in other game engines.

Sound Bible has sounds in WAV and MP3 file formats. Some sounds are in the public domain, while others require attribution, but all are royalty-free.