How Do You Reset the Game "Clash of Clans"?

How Do You Reset the Game "Clash of Clans"?

To reset "Clash of Clans" on an iOS device, reset your device to factory settings. Follow the instructions to set up your device, and create a new Game Center account. Download Clash of Clans, and start the application. Choose Cancel when the application asks to load your old account.

  1. Reset your device

    Android devices can reset the game by simply reinstalling it, but iOS devices require a factory reset. To reset your device, navigate to Settings, choose General, and select Factory Reset. Be aware that resetting your device removes personal data from your device. To back up your files, connect your iOS device to a computer via USB or use iCloud.

  2. Create a new Game Center account

    Follow the instructions to complete the factory reset, and set up your device. Then, create a new Game Center account.

  3. Start the game

    Download Clash of Clans from the App Store, and start the application. When the game prompts you to load your old village, select Cancel to reset the game data.