What Are the Requirements for Unlocking the Audi R8 in "Midnight Club: Los Angeles"?

To unlock the Audi R8 in “Midnight Club: Los Angeles,” players have to first sign up with Rockstar Games Social Club and then complete all 12 challenges within the in-game Social Club. To sign up with the Rockstar Games Social Club, gamers have to visit Rockstar's official website using an Internet browser.

Players also need either a PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to sign up for the social club. Once they have joined the club, they can access it in the game by choosing “Social Club” from the main menu. Here, players can see the progress they have made in completing the 12 challenges they need to unlock the Audi R8. It doesn't matter in what order the players complete the challenges.

Some of the challenges include having over $1,000,000 in the bank, driving 5,000 miles, hitting 1,000 cars and winning 25 consecutive races. It is recommend that players sign up with the social club before starting the game because many of these challenges take a long time to reach. One of the more difficult challenges to overcome, according to Neoseeker, is the one that requires players to use their special ability at least 5,000 times. This is because special abilities can only be used so many times per race.