What Are the Required Internet Speeds for Playing Minecraft"?

There is no specified Internet speed requirement for playing "Minecraft." Mojang, the game's developer, suggests that "Minecraft" users have a consistent Internet speed when downloading the game. As of 2015, the game requires access to the Internet during the download but not while playing the game.

More than 20 million gamers have downloaded "Minecraft," a game in which users can design almost anything they can imagine with the simple building blocks provided by the game. Users break and build blocks to create various settings and items, including castles and monsters.

"Minecraft" is available on mobile phones, tablets, video game consoles and computers. Gamers can also use the game's various editions on multiple operating systems, including Windows, MAC, iOS and Android. Markus "Notch" Persson created "Minecraft" and its developer company Mojang. Microsoft owns Mojang, as of Septemeber 2014.