What Is Reputation in "WOW"?


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Reputation in World of Warcraft is a term that refers to the level of trust a player has earned within a specific faction in the game. The various factions are comprised of non-player characters (NPCs) within World of Warcraft that offer tasks and quests that can be completed to increase your reputation, which in turn gives players access to special rewards.

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Most factions have eight levels of reputation available. Many start at neutral and work their way up through friendly, honored, revered and exalted reputations. Some factions have negative levels of reputation that are gained through player actions or as standard starting points for a group. Factions with negative reputation are killable; hostile and hated factions will attack players within their aggression radius.

Many rewards are available to those with high reputations. Most major and many minor factions sell rare or unique items to players at or above a specific reputation. Some such rewards are mounts, pets and equipment.

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