How Can You Repurpose Old Church Chairs?


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Repurpose old church chairs by turning them into various seating and storage areas around the home. Repurpose an old church chair set or church pew by using it as seating in an outdoor living space. Old church chairs can also be repurposed as living room or dining room seating. Update an old church chair and place it in an entryway for extra seating and storage.

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Repurpose an old church chair or pew set to use as extra seating and storage by first determining if the chair can withstand the repurposing process. Check its balance, sturdiness and stain type. If the chair passes the test, clean away any dirt, grime or debris with a gentle cleaning solution.

Select a finish stripper or remover to clear away the chair's old finish. Apply the paint remover or finish stripper to the chair in a well-ventilated area or outside. Follow the remover's directions to clean the chair properly after use.

Sand down the chair's surface with a sand block or paper and apply the new paint or stain. Most old church pews need two to five coats of new stain or paint. Allow the chair to dry for 24 hours, then place it in its new position.

Place storage baskets under the old church chair for added storage. Add cushions on top of the chair's seat for more comfortable sitting.

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