How Do You Replace a Missing Little Tikes Manual?

Replace missing Little Tikes manuals by clicking the link for the product for which you need a manual on the company's website, as of 2016. View the manuals in PDF format, or choose to save or print the information. Little Tikes also offers video assembly instructions for some of its products.

The Little Tikes website lists manuals in order of products with names that begin with a number, such as the 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster, then lists products alphabetically. After identifying the manual needed, click on the Download link next to the product name. The manual for the product opens in PDF format and includes model numbers for the products that the manual covers as well as the instructions themselves. To save the manual for later viewing, click the computer disc icon, and save the manual to your computer's hard drive or other storage device, or print the manual by clicking on the printer icon.

To view instructions for a Little Tikes product with accompanying video, click on the Video Assembly link. After clicking on the product for which you wish to view assembly, a pop-up window appears that displays video instructions. Little Tikes assembly videos include a listing of the tools needed to assemble each product.