How Do You Repair a Zipper Whose Slider Has Fallen Off?


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To repair a zipper when its slider has fallen off, undo the bottom stitches, pry off the stopper, feed the zipper tapes through the slider, sew across the zipper bottom and re-sew the tapes. This 20-minute procedure requires a seam ripper, fine needle-nose pliers, a needle and thread.

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  1. Rip out the bottom stitches

    Use a seam ripper to remove the stitches at the lower ends of both zipper tapes. Remove about two inches of stitches on each side.

  2. Pry off the stopper

    Use fine needle-nose pliers to pry off the metal stopper. Discard the stopper.

  3. Thread the tapes through the slider

    Thread the zipper tapes through the slider, and pull it up until locked teeth emerge behind it. Examine the entire zipper to ensure that the slider is positioned equally on both sides.

  4. Sew a new stopper

    Thread a needle with thread that matches the zipper tape, and sew several stitches across the bottom of the zipper. These take the place of the metal stopper.

  5. Sew along the zipper tapes

    Replace the stitches you ripped out earlier, and reinforce other areas where the stitching between the zipper and the garment appears weak. If you have the time, sew along the entire length of both zipper tapes.

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