How Do You Repair a Zipper?


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Repairing a zipper often means inspecting the teeth to make sure there are no obstructions and applying lubrication when necessary. Tightening components, replacing components or replacing the whole zipper are also common fixes.

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The type of repair that is required for a zipper depends on the type of problem. If any of the fixes do not work, the best solution is to replace the zipper.

  • Stuck zipper - to fix a stuck zipper work down the teeth trying to find an obstruction. If that is unsuccessful lubricant can be applied while slowly working the slider down.
  • Teeth pop open - lubricating the teeth, as mentioned above, can fix the problem of a zipper not staying closed. It is often caused by some of the teeth being out of alignment, though. If this is the case, pliers can be used to straighten them. Pliers can also be used to tighten the slider if it has become loose.
  • The zipper does not stay up - this usually means it needs replaced. This job requires sewing equipment, including a sewing machine, as well as sewing skills.
  • Part of the slider is broken off - one option to repair a zipper that has part of the slider broken is to replace the whole zipper. However, it is also possible to attached a new pull.
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