How Do You Repair Tears in Leather Materials?


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To repair tears in leather materials, use an iron-on patch, which is available from retailers such as Amazon.com, as of 2015. The difficult part of using an iron-on patch is ensuring the color matches perfectly.

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To apply the patch, wipe the leather with a damp, soft cloth, and apply a leather cleaner to remove any extra grime. Trim away any threads with scissors, and then determine if the area requires filler to plump it up. If a filling is necessary, use a piece of cotton batting or a cotton ball, and press it into the hole. Position the cotton to evenly fill the area.

Cut out the piece of the patch that is larger than the tear by about a half inch if the tear is larger than an inch. Position the patch so that it covers the hole, and then use a toothpick or skewer to position it. Plug in an iron, and warm it to low or medium heat, depending on the repair kit instructions. Mix any tints or repair liquid, and apply it to the patch in thin layers.

Place the patch down, and smooth it over the tear, and then place the leather grain paper from the kit. Press the iron over the patch and grain paper, moving it every couple of seconds, or follow the kit's instructions. Remove the iron when complete, and allow the paper to cool for several minutes before removing it.

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