How Do You Repair and Restore Old Dolls?


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Common repair and restoration techniques for old dolls include filling in cracks, which can be done with putty, and replacing missing fingers, which can be replaced with a putty mold of the doll's hand and plastic paste. Repair and restoration varies based on the doll and its condition. Doll repair takes time to learn and requires the right materials. If the owner wants a museum-quality repair and restoration, it's best to consult a professional.

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To seal a crack, push putty into it with a small paddle. Use a toothpick to remove any excess putty, and then smooth out the putty by hand. Give it at least 12 hours to harden. Sand the putty to make it smooth, and then paint the putty to match the color of the doll. Once the paint dries, the repair is complete, although adding a couple drops of furniture polish makes the surface smoother.

To replace a missing doll finger, use the doll's other hand or the hand from the same type of doll to press into putty and form a mold of the hand. Insert a cut paper clip into the missing finger area. The paper clip should stick out about half the length of the finger.

Place the hand into the putty mold. Use the powder and liquid from a plastic repair kit to form a paste, and then pour the paste into the mold to create the finger. Sand and paint the new finger as necessary so it matches the doll's appearance.

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