How Do You Repair Leather?


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Leather is repaired with specialty leather glue found in leather repair kits purchasable in convenience stores or online. The damaged area must be trimmed, then applied with glue, colorant and finish.

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Leather in clothing and seats can only be fixed with the tools from a leather repair kit, which includes leather glue, heavy filler, colorant and leather finish. Do not use other types of glue, as they can further damage the leather. Mending damaged leather takes multiple steps, but if done correctly, it render any damage unnoticeable. As leather has different colors, choose the type of kit that closely matches the leather to be repaired, otherwise the repaired area stands out perceptibly.

Prior to fixing the damaged leather, the area must be cleaned with castile soap on a damp rag to remove any residue. Drying is necessary before proceeding. If the leather is burned, remove the affected area with sandpaper. Avoid sanding the unburned leather, or that portion of the leather can be damaged. Cut any frayed, worn or uneven edges with a sharp pair of scissors.

Place the patch inside of the hole, apply glue and allow to dry. Apply the heavy filler, the colorant and the leather finish in multiple thin coats, giving each coat time to dry before the next is applied.

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