How Do You Remove a Stuck Trumpet Mouthpiece?


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A safe way to remove a mouthpiece from an instrument is to use a specially designed tool that helps users remove it from the instrument. These tools are called mouthpiece pullers, and are in the form of a small clamp that latches onto the mouthpiece so it can be forcibly removed.

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Mouthpiece pullers are available in many different brands. There are two common tools frequently used in the industry. One style consists of a clamp with two screws on either side. Tighten the screws to adjust the clamp onto the mouthpiece, which can then be easily removed. The process is tedious and may take some time when using the clamp on several instruments.

Another type of clamp is an extractor. Its design is resembles a claw, and it uses one tightening mechanism on its back. After tightening the clamp onto the mouthpiece, it can be easily removed from the instrument.

Although there are several different types of mouthpiece pullers, they can all be used following the same steps listed here:

  1. Place instrument on level surface
  2. Make sure instrument is placed on a flat surface such as a table.

  3. Mount the clamp onto the trumpet
  4. Place the extractor onto the mouthpiece.

  5. Tighten the extractor
  6. There will be one or two screws on the extractor. Tighten them onto the mouthpiece.

  7. Pull the mouthpiece off
  8. Pull firmly on the puller to remove the mouthpiece from the instrument.

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