How Do You Remove a Stamp From an Envelope?


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To remove a stamp from an envelope, soak the stamp in water. People often attempt to remove stamps when they want to add them to a stamp collection.

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The best way to get a stamp off of an envelope is to cut the envelope around the stamp and then place that piece of the envelope into a dish of cold water with the stamp facing up. After about an hour, the stamp begins to peel off of the paper. Collectors must wait for the stamp to separate from the envelope completely. If they attempt to peel the stamp off, it is likely to rip. Once the stamp separates from the envelope, it needs to be rinsed one more time to remove any excess adhesive and then placed face down on white paper towels. To dry the stamp, collectors should place the stamp between two white paper towels and place the towels under a stack of books or another heavy object for a few days.

Those looking to collect the stamp for historical reasons may choose to leave the stamp on the envelope instead. With the address and the mark from the postal system to date the letter, the stamp is given historical context.

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