How Do You Remove Scratches From Gamecube Games?


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According to HowStuffWorks, there are multiple simple methods to repair scratched optical discs, such as using rubbing compound, plastic polish or toothpaste. Rubbing compound is recommended due to its effectiveness in resurfacing the top layer of an optical disc, as it contains a gritty substance that wears down the surface of the optical disc to a level consistent with its entirety.

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A small amount of rubbing compound should be applied to the surface of the optical disc and polished in a straight radius outwards from the center. Rubbing in a circular motion may also work but runs the risk of creating circular scratches and hindering the laser tracking system in the optical media player. The negative repercussions of rubbing in a circular motion mostly affect devices made in the late 1990s; this method is viable if the device is newer.

If rubbing compound is unavailable, a simple toothpaste with enamel polish functions the same way. Once the process is complete, use a coat of car wax to fill any remaining scratches and protect the optical disc from further damage. Wax also repels dust and dirt. If the optical disc still does not function, either method may be repeated until a satisfactory outcome results; although, disc repair is not always successful.

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