What Are Some Religious Jokes for Pastors?


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A clever religious joke for Baptist pastors tells the story of kindergartners who bring in symbols of their religions for show and tell. A Jewish boy shows the class a Star of David, and a Catholic girl brings a rosary. The Baptist child presents a casserole to the class.

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What Are Some Religious Jokes for Pastors?
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Another amusing joke pastors can share with their congregations is about a boy who asks his pastor about the meaning of a plaque displayed on a wall of the church. The plaque features an American flag along with several names. The pastor informs the boy that the plaque is a tribute to all of the people who have lost their lives in service, and the boy responds by asking if they died during the 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. service.

There is also a religious-themed joke about young boys bragging about their dads on a playground. One boy brags that his dad can make $60 by simply writing a few words on a page and calling them a poem. The next boy states that his father is more impressive because he can make $100 for scribbling a few words and calling them a song. A third boy says his dad is even better because he writes down words called a sermon, and it takes ten people just to gather all of the money for his work.

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