What Is the Relationship Between Megaman and Roll?


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In the "Mega Man" series, Roll is Mega Man's sister. Roll is the third robot created by Dr. Light, who is also the creator of Mega Man and Proto Man. In the Japanese versions of the games, Mega Man is known as "Rock Man," so the sibling's names create the pun "rock and roll."

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Roll is created by Dr. Light to serve as a housekeeper, cooking and cleaning for Light and the other robots he creates. Though her appearances in the series are mostly minor, Roll is a fan favorite character. She is also notable for being the first female character introduced in the "Mega Man" series. Roll first appears briefly in the ending of the original "Mega Man" game. She also makes small appearances in "Mega Man 3," "Mega Man 4," "Mega Man 5" and "Mega Man 7." Roll plays a larger part in both "Mega Man 8" and "Mega Man 9," selling new items to Mega Man in exchange for bolts collected throughout the game. She plays a central role in the story of "Mega Man 10," becoming infected with the "Robenza" virus that serves as the game's main conflict. Roll appears as a playable character in some of the spinoff titles in the "Mega Man" series, including the racing game "Mega Man: Battle & Chase" and the handheld game "Mega Man Powered Up." She also appears as a playable character in the "Marvel vs. Capcom" series of fighting games.

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