How Do You Register Kids to Play Games on TVO?

Kids don’t have to register to play games on TVO, as of 2015. Kids can play these games for free by accessing the TVOKids section on and selecting an appropriate age range. TVO only asks for personal information when trying to submit jokes, craft, art or recipes to share with other kids. These games and activities require a Web browser that features Flash support, such as Firefox or Google Chrome.

To access the games on TVO, go to, and click on the TVOKids link in the navigation menu. Click on a game or activity to open the corresponding page on, and click on the Games button. If you don’t want to partake in the current activity, close the pop-up window by clicking on the X button.

Once the Games section loads, hover over the desired game to read a brief description, and click on it to open a new pop-up window featuring the game. This section includes 69 games and activities for ages 2 through 5, and 139 games for ages 6 through 11. To filter the list of the games, click on a group of letters to see only the games beginning with the selected letters, or select a category from the navigation menu on the left. To share your creations with other kids, click on the Create and Share button, select the type of creation you want to share, and provide your name, age, city, email address and phone number when prompted.