How Do You Refelt a Pool Table?


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To refelt a pool table, remove the pool table frame, and then remove the pool table pockets and old felt. Stretch new felt over the pool table surface, recover the bumpers and cut holes for the pool table pockets. Reattach the pool table frame.

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  1. Remove the pool table frame

    Remove all of the pool table pockets. Use a wrench to remove all the bolts that hold the pool table frame in place. Lift the frame off the surface of the pool table, and set it down on the floor.

  2. Remove all existing felt

    Use a pair of pliers or a screw driver to remove all visible staples. Pull the felt off the pool table surface.

  3. Inspect the pool table surface

    Inspect the pool table surface for broken or worn seams. Reseal the seams using beeswax. Melt beeswax into the seams using a torch. Create a smooth surface using a metal or plastic scraper to remove any rough beeswax patches.

  4. Attach the new felt

    Use a staple gun to attach the new felt. Stretch the felt firmly on all sides to ensure a smooth surface.

  5. Cut holes for the pockets

    Use a utility knife to cut holes for the pockets.

  6. Recover the pool table bumpers

    Use a wood feather strip to hold the felt in place when recovering pool table bumpers. Pull the felt tightly around the bumpers, and secure using a staple gun.

  7. Attach the pool table frame

    Place the pool table frame on the table surface, and attach using the bolts. Place pockets in the holes.

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