What Are Some Reese's Puffs Games?


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Games available on the Reese's Puffs website, as of May 2015, include the Reese's Puffs DJ tool and "Reese's Puffs Dance Battle." These games allow players to create custom rap song mixes and dances. Players may also view other players' mixes and dances.

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When using the DJ tool on the Reese's Puffs website, players manipulate a virtual mixing board by clicking and dragging buttons and sliders to change the levels of different sounds in the track. The basic audio track is a short promotional rap song about Reese's Puffs cereal. Players change elements such as the bass, synthesizer, beats and guitar to customize the song. The DJ tool also offers players the option of recording their tracks and saving them on the website, thus allowing other players to listen to them.

In the "Reese's Puffs Dance Battle" game, players customize their characters by choosing from options for facial features, skin color, hair style and clothing. Each player then selects a saved mix from the DJ tool for the character to dance to. Players may also opt to have their avatars dance to the original Reese's promotional rap song. After selecting a background, players use the letter keys on the keyboard to make their avatars perform dance moves. The site displays a legend of keys and corresponding dance moves on the right side of the playing area.

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