How Do You Redeem an Xbox Promo Code?


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To redeem an Xbox promo code, turn on the device, and from the home screen go into the Xbox apps. Locate the "Use a Code" part of the menu, and select to enter the code manually. If you have a card, the code is located on the back.

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How Do You Redeem an Xbox Promo Code?
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There are several ways to redeem Xbox promotional codes, some of which do not require you to enter any information manually. If your Xbox has a Kinect attached to it, you can use Kinect to read the code. Call out to the Xbox Kinect by saying the exact phrase, "Xbox, Use a code." The Kinect activates the area to search for a code. Hold the QR code you received, either from printing out the promo code received or holding up a card purchased in a store, up to the Kinect camera. You must be closer than 6 feet for the Kinect to read it.

If your promo code does not have a QR code, you can use different apps and websites to convert your promo code into a QR code, which you can then print out and have read by the Kinect. The Smart Glass app helps you enter codes without having to type from the controller, by acting as a remote keyboard.

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