How Do You Redeem Codes for "Dragonvale"?


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To redeem codes for “DragonVale,” tap the Social button, tap the Redeem Code button, type in a valid social code, and tap the OK button. Upon acceptance of a valid code, a confirmation message appears, and the given amount of gems awarded appear in the Gifts tab.

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Several types of codes exist in the game “DragonVale.” For instance, every player has a friend code attached to her account. Enter the code from the account of one of your friends to earn 25 gems; however, you can only enter one friend code per account. As a bonus, the friend whose code you use also receives some gems upon redemption.

Another type of redemption code for the game “DragonVale” is the special redemption code. The maker of the game, Backflip Studios, releases these special codes through social media. Special redemption codes allow players to obtain some free gems, though their validity only lasts for short time. Backflip Studios regularly offers special redemption codes on holidays, as promotions and as a part of celebrations, such as its two-year anniversary.

In addition to social codes, you can purchase “DragonVale” gems to speed up the game. The game “DragonVale” is available for Android and iPhone.

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