What Are the "Red Dead Redemption" Skunk Locations?


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Skunks can be found in Nuevo Paraiso, New Austin and West Elizabeth in "Red Dead Redemption." There are multiple possible spawn points in each of these locations.

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In all locations, skunks tend to spawn more often close to the hours of dusk and dawn. Players should also keep in mind that skunks will not always appear at the following locations, these are just locations where they have a chance of appearing.

In Nuevo Paraiso, skunks have been seen at Butter Bridge, over the "A" of Diez Coronas when looking at the map, at Alta Cabeza to the west of El Matadero, in the horse field northeast of Torquemada and just above the second "A" of Las Hermanas when looking at the map.

In West Elizabeth, skunks can be found near the sharp curve in the road to the west of the Wreck of the Serendipity, in and just to the east of Beecher's Hope, in Tall Trees, in the Great Plains, and north of Broken Tree near the telephone lines.

Skunks have been found in New Austin at Rio Del Lobo, Odd Fellow's Rest, The Old Bacchus Place, northeast of Benedict Point, west of Jorge's Gap, south of Twin Rocks, and behind the general store in Armadillo.

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