What Recycling Companies Accept Video Tapes?


Examples of recycling companies that accept video tapes include EZ-cycle Box in Massachusetts, JACO Product Recovery Services in Colorado, eScraps.com, Domestic Metals & Plastics in California and the Alternative Community Training Recycling Program in Missouri. Individuals can also locate a recycling company on Earth911.com.

To find a recycling company that accepts video tapes, individuals can visit Earth911's home page and click Recycle Search. On the following page, the user can type in "video tapes" in the search box as well as his ZIP code or city and state. A list of recycling companies pops up along with the location and a list of materials accepted by the company.

Many of the companies that accept video tapes are mail-in programs that take materials from across the United States. For example, GreenDisk, a Washington-based company, charges $9.95 for a 30-pound box of materials sent by mail, as of 2015. Other companies, such as JACO Product Recovery Services, only accept materials from local residents.

In some areas, such as San Francisco, individuals can recycle video tapes with the rest of their recyclables. To recycle tapes in this way, it is necessary to pull apart the plastic casing and remove the film, which is not recyclable and must be discarded, and then place the plastic case in the regular recycle bin.