How Do You Recover a Gamertag?


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To recover an Xbox Live gamertag, download and access your profile using your Microsoft account's email address and password. If you want to use your gamertag on another console or if you have accidentally removed your gamertag from your current console, it can be recovered in just a few minutes.

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  1. Open the Xbox Guide

    Press the large "X" button in the center of the controller to open the Xbox Guide. If you are signed in under another gamertag, press the X to sign out and press A to confirm your selection.

  2. Download your profile

    Once you are signed out, select "Download Profile" from the Xbox Guide screen. Make sure you are completing this process on the desired console.

  3. Enter account credentials

    Using the onscreen keyboard or a USB keyboard, enter the email address associated with your Xbox Live gamertag along with the password. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it on the Microsoft Live support website.

  4. Download all account information

    If you are using the internal storage of the Xbox system, your profile and purchased games automatically begin to download. If you are using an external storage unit, you need to select a device and ensure it has enough space.

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