What Are Some Recorder Note Charts?


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Some recorder note and fingering charts include those found at Samantha Speakmon's Music Room and LearnRecorder.com. These websites both offer basic charts for beginners. Some charts, both modern and historical, are also available at SaundersRecorders.com.

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On Samantha Speakmon's Student Resource page, she includes a basic chart featuring the five notes, B, A, G, D and E. She also includes links to a review video, play along clips, song charts and another site with additional instruction.

LearnRecorder.com offers a more advanced chart with the full range of soprano, alto and bass recorders, including all fingerings and staff notations. In addition, basic breathing techniques are included, with a link to more detailed techniques.

Modern charts included on SaundersRecorders.com include Baroque, German and an Aulos trill chart. Historical charts include Agricola, Virdung, Mersenne, Blankenburgh and Ganassi. The website also includes a symbol index for the historical charts.

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