How Do You Record Gameplay on a PC?


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Most computers don't come with the ability to record video pre-installed. Fortunately, there are several free programs you can use to capture and record gameplay footage.

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  1. Get the appropriate software

    Two types of software are necessary for recording gameplay. The first is video recording software that takes snapshots of video as it appears on the computer screen. Look for a program made specifically for recording game footage. Taksi, WeGame and Gamecam are gameplay recording programs available for free. The second required program is video editing software. Use editing software to clip out unnecessary footage and clean up the final recording for presentation. Windows Movie Maker is good for basic editing and comes standard with every version of Microsoft Windows.

  2. Record a video

    Switch on the recording software. Your computer is now recording everything on the screen. Open a game and begin to play. It may be necessary to reduce picture or sound quality since video recording takes up a lot of system resources. When you have recorded the desired portion of the game, close or minimize the game and switch off the recording software.

  3. Edit the video

    Open the video file in your editing software. Cut unnecessary footage, combine multiple video files, clean up picture quality, and make any other necessary edits to streamline the recording.

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