What Is a Reborn Nursery?


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A reborn nursery is the place where a dollmaker or artist assembles and paints a baby doll to create a reborn baby. Reborn babies are vinyl baby dolls that are sculpted and painted to appear as lifelike as possible in terms of the paint job, body and head shapes, and weight.

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Reborn dolls are extremely popular and can be expensive, while the artists who create reborn dolls put dozens of hours into each doll. To recoup their costs, or simply because they don't have enough room to keep all of the dolls they have created, many reborn doll customers begin selling some of them. It is customary to call such a shop a nursery because nurseries are where babies belong.

The art of creating the perfect reborn baby sounds straightforward, but it is more complicated than lists would suggest. Some artists follow an individual vision for each doll, while others create custom dolls to embody the wishes of a customer. The process begins by selecting a baby doll and stripping it of all existing paints. The doll is then painted with a base coat and then detail painting. Generally the eyes are replaced by more lifelike examples, and hair will likely be rooted into the doll's head. A weighing agent, usually sand, is used to give the doll a natural weight and help it move naturally when shifted.

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