What Are Some of the Best Reanimate Cards in MTG?

Some of the best reanimate cards in Magic: The Gathering include Living Death, Rise from the Grave, Animate Dead, Breath of Life and Resurrection. Reanimate cards all center on the mechanic of returning creature cards from the graveyard back into play.

Living Death is one of the game's classic resurrection cards, and its powerful effect has made it a staple of combo decks since it first appeared in the Tempest set in 1997. Essentially swapping all the creatures currently in play for all the creatures contained in each player's graveyard, Living Death pairs superbly with cards that intentionally send creatures into the graveyard, such as Buried Alive.

Rise from the Grave is another powerful reanimate card that brings any creature card from a graveyard back into play. The card's wording means that it can also be used to take control of an opponent's creatures, making the effect especially useful.

Animate Dead is another classic reanimate card that has been around since the original Alpha edition of Magic. The card has the same effect as Rise from the Grave, but it costs fewer mana and features the slight drawback of subtracting one point from the creature's strength. Although reanimation is typically associated with black cards, white's properties of healing also make for some powerful reanimation cards, such as Breath of Life and Resurrection, both of which return a creature from a player's graveyard onto the battlefield.