How Do You Really Look Like Yourself in a Mirror or in a Camera?

really-look-like-yourself-mirror-camera Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Specular reflection allows a person to look like themselves in a mirror, whereas photography uses a convex lens to slow down beams of light to recreate a "real" image of whatever is in front of the lens. Both mirrors and photography make use of rays of light bouncing off a surface to create a transient or permanent image respectively.

The Law of Reflection defines how images are reflected on mirrored surfaces. When a ray of light approaches a mirror, it bounces off that surface in a predictable pattern. The angle at which a ray of light reflects off a surface is equal to the angle of reflection, thereby resulting in an image of the objects illuminated by those rays of light.

In photography, an image is created by rays of light moving through a convex lens. The structure of the lens and the angle at which light passes through the lens determines the path of light through the lens. The angle changes when the object being photographed is moved closer or further away from the lens, resulting in smaller or larger images. The "bending angle" of the lens is constant, which is why sometimes objects appear blurry or out of focus when they are too close to the lens as well as too far away.