What Are Some Really Funny Pranks?


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BoredPanda.com suggests a variety of practical jokes, including the "Insect Lamp," where pranksters tape black paper cut-outs in the shape of bugs inside a lampshade. It also suggests "Caramel Onions," where one decorates onions to look like caramel apples.

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What Are Some Really Funny Pranks?
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Other prank ideas include removing the label from an air freshener container and gluing it onto a shrimp-scented bait spray container and applying clear nail polish onto a bar of soap for someone to attempt to use in the shower. Another prank involves placing signs around town advertising a "Chewbacca Roar Contest" where callers are instructed to leave a voice mail with their best roar at the phone number provided, listing the number of the intended prank target.

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