What Are Some Reading Games Fourth Graders Can Play?


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One reading game for fourth graders is to create a handmade illustrated vocabulary books to help them with reading comprehension. Another game is to have students create scary stories using foreshadowing and figurative language to help them understand plot and narrative.

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To create illustrated vocabulary books, students are given blank paper folded in half to make booklets and that are then stapled in the crease so they don't fall apart. Each book starts on the first inside page with the first vocabulary word. Words are written at the top of one side of the pages, and then the student creates an illustration that corresponds to the meaning of the word. On the opposite page, the student writes a sentence with the correct use of the word and illustrates the sentence.

When creating scary stories, the students must first understand what figurative language and foreshadowing are and how they work. On note cards, each student writes down 10 different sights, sounds and objects synonymous with Halloween, such as ghosts, screaming or glowing pumpkins. Next, the student writes 10 names for people or animals that sound creepy. Each story starts with an opening line, such as "One stormy Halloween night, I was walking home when I discovered..." Going around the classroom as many times as the teacher chooses, each student has at least 30 seconds to add one of his sensory cards and one of his name cards to the ongoing plot of the scary story.

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