How Do You Read a Sewing Machine Threading Diagram?


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To read a sewing machine threading diagram, match the marked areas on the illustration with the sewing machine components indicated in the instructions. Sewing machine threading diagrams typically break the threading process down into steps, including winding the bobbin, setting the needle, threading the bobbin case, placing the bobbin case in the shuttle and upper threading. Each of these steps has multiple steps of its own, along with one or more illustrations.

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Sewing machine threading diagram illustrations use letters or numbers to mark components of the sewing machine. When the instructions in that step reference a component, they includes that component's letter or number, usually in parentheses. If a step has multiple illustrations, each illustration has its own label, such as "figure 1" or "figure 2." In these cases, when the instructions reference a component, they include the figure with the component's letter or number.

Some sewing machines have diagrams displayed on the machine to assist with threading. Threading diagrams are available in the machine's owners manual and may also be available on the company's website. Sewing machines tend to have similar designs, so threading is a similar process with most machines. However, designs can vary from one machine to another, so threading a machine is easiest when using the diagram provided by the manufacturer.

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