How Do Your Read Daily Racing Form Entries?

read-daily-racing-form-entries Credit: Digital Vision/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Read daily racing form entries by decoding the abbreviations and symbols, using the form's legend, that represent past race performances by a specific horse. Some horse racing enthusiast websites , such as, have free tutorials to help users learn how to read and analyze the information provided.

Located at the top of a daily racing form is typically information regarding a specific race, including the track name, the race number, the length of the race, the purse amount and any restrictions placed on the entrants. Subsequent sections contain detailed information on the past racing and training performances for each of the horses entered.

The top row of each horse's section contains information about the horse, including its name, the owner, its colors, the jockey and the trainer. This section also provides the lineage of the horse and its lifetime purse earning.

The rest of the form is a detailed representation of past races, with the pertinent facts located on a single line in an industry specific shorthand notation. The left section of the line tells about the race, including when and where it was, its length, the type of race, its distance and the track conditions. It also includes the horse's running times for the race. The right side contains final odds and finishing order of the race winners and a brief description of the horse's performance.