Which RC Vehicles Are Good for Beginners?


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The best hobby-grade, radio-controlled vehicle for beginners is a ready-to-run electric car or truck, recommends About.com. Hobby RC vehicles require more maintenance than RC toys, but ready-to-run electric models are safer and easier to assemble and maintain than other models.

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Ready-to-run RC vehicles come with everything a customer needs to get started in the box, states About.com. These vehicles usually come partially assembled; the buyer may need to attach the body and the tires. Beginners may find them easier than RC kits, which are intended for hobbyists who customize their cars and trucks for competitions, according to RC Web Car.

Electric models have motors that run off of a battery pack. They are quieter, do not give off fumes and can run indoors, reports About.com. Nitro models run longer than electric, refuel more quickly and are suited for customers who want loud, outdoor RC vehicles, says RC Web Car. Some larger vehicles run on gasoline, offering similar advantages to nitro with engines that are easier to tune.

First-time RC car and truck buyers should consider what size and type of vehicle they want. Sizes are the vehicles' scale compared to their real-life counterparts; they range from 1/27 to 1/5. Off-road vehicles are more durable than on-road vehicles and may better withstand beginners' mistakes and crashes.

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