What Is a RC Simulator?


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An RC simulator is computer software that allows the user to simulate piloting a radio-controlled vehicle. While such software is available for almost any type of vehicle, the term is most frequently used to refer to RC flight simulators due to the high risk and potentially high expense of accidents during practice with real airborne vehicles.

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RC flight simulators allow trainees a means of practicing without the risk of damaging an actual aircraft, but these simulators may also be used by experienced pilots to practice new and complicated maneuvers.

There are many different RC flight simulator packages available. Some allow the user to connect actual radio controls to a computer. Others include custom controllers that resemble radio controls. Some also support the use of joysticks or standard USB game-pads such as Xbox 360 controllers. These software packages are most commonly made for Windows but can also be found for Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android. Simulators may also allow the user to create custom landscapes to fly through and allow the user to share these landscapes with other users.

In addition to flying vehicles like planes and helicopters, simulator software is available for RC boats and cars. Some software packages mix land, sea and air vehicles together.

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