What Is Rattan Craft ?


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"Rattan craft" refers to using rattan as a material for creating various items. Rattan's flexibility makes it a great option for creating bowls and other storage containers in addition to hats and other clothing. Rattan is also a popular material for creating furniture due to its durability and light weight.

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Rattan is also called wicker and grows in areas where the temperature stays relatively high. With more than 600 species, rattan is a diverse material for crafts and other items, but most crafts use only a small selection of rattan species.

Rattan is a palm, but its growth is often more similar to vines than more tree-like palms. Rattan is similar to bamboo in some ways, but it's generally thinner and doesn't have the hollow core that bamboo has. In addition, craftspeople often use bamboo for structural support, while many bend rattan to create different types of shapes.

Another reason for rattan's popularity is its fast growth and relatively light weight. In developing areas where rattan is common, it's far simpler to harvest and ship rattan than traditional types of lumber. In addition, many parts of rattan plants are useful. Some rattan plants contain edible components, and some have a skin that serves as a useful crafting material.

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